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Student Achievements Week Two!

This is the second post about student achievements! Search for your name below and see what others have been up to this week.

Saturday's Students:

Heather is doing a great job with her sight-reading, and has completed all the sight-reading material for grade 5.

Sophie is improving her rhythmic understanding with RhythmLab

India has remembered how to figure out treble clef's FACE.

Eve is getting to grips with legato pedalling!

Sunday's Students:

Toby now knows all of the white notes on the piano's keyboard.

Thomas is doing a great job on developing his aural skills - he's transcribed a solo by himself this week.

Josh is doing very well preparing for his theory exam. Good luck Josh!

Ophelia is working on her arranging skills, a totally new skillset that is developing from her harmonic knowledge.

Lachlan has learnt a new major scale - F major!

Charlotte has secured her rhythms in a piece by using ta's.

Ellie has worked so hard on 'Believer' this week that she is able to add swing now.

Holly has started to play Jumping Jazz Cat with a lot of energy!

Leo used RhythmLab to help with his new rhythms in Pumpkin Boogie.

Andrei is working very hard on his aural skills and is now able to write down chord progressions after listening to them.

Monday's Students:

Oliver: now has an exam piece underway to complement his scale practising.

Tuesday's Students:

Luka is working really hard on his piece 'A Minor Swing', and is getting to grips with the difficult jazzy rhythms.

Ciara has started her work on broken chords, heading towards a grade one exam next year.

Leo has been practising his intricate major voicings' inversions, and flipping them each time he goes around the circle of fifths.

Wednesday's Students:

Jayen knows all about relative major and minors, and is using it to get to grips with the new minor scales.

Jayleen has learnt what sharps are this week!

Amelie has started on a new pop piece, using chord symbols.

Laura is working towards her grade 4 scales for an exam next year.

Thursday's Students:

Kyle has started to play his major scales two octaves.

Isla is practising her hand balance to make sure melodies are not drowned out by the other hand.

Amelie learnt all the letter names on the piano!

Nathaniel has learnt the one beat notes on the iPad, and is doing very well!

Friday's Students:

Cayla is making great progress with her scales - all two octaves now!

Henry is doing well with concentrating on getting read rhythms right and not guessing.

Isaac is making great progress with his concert pieces, making sure there's heaps of energy.

Rowan is making great progress with his scales, and is about to learn them all two octaves!

Luca is starting to learn letter names on the keyboard!

Tim has started his new book! Congratulations Tim!

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