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Student Achievements Week Three

This is the third post about student achievements! Search for your name below and see what others have been up to this week.

Saturday's Students:

Heather has prepared very well for her grade 5 exam! Good luck Heather.

Sophie has practised two pieces this week with a good level of commitment.

India has been practising really hard this week, and has started two new pieces.

Andrei has been practising his Oscar Peterson very well, and has three exercises on the go!

Sunday's Students:

Isabel has practised Zum Gali Gali very well over the last couple of weeks, and it's starting to take shape. Good job Isabel!

Toby has prepared two pieces for the concert, and is doing well with his letter names.

Thomas is working on his swing feel, and is making good progress.

Josh has started to put his scales hands together this week!

Ophelia is working on an arrangement for school, which requires a working knowledge of some complex timbral and harmonic techniques.

Lachlan has been working on adding dynamics to his concert piece!

Charlotte is doing very well with dotted rhythms.

Ellie is on the last piece of her book! Well done Ellie.

Holly has started working out Christmas carols by ear!

Leo has practised very effectively this week, and has a new piece - Deck the Keys.

Monday's Students:

Alana is concentrating on her sight reading, and improving her note recognition.

Finn is working on getting his articulation (especially slurs) under control.

Oliver: has learnt about compound time signatures.

Tuesday's Students:

Luka is now able to competently play with a convincing swing feel.

Ciara has worked on her broken chords this week and can now remember the pattern.

Christopher has been able to finish off 'Our Detective Agency' this week, and can play it so well that it's ready for the concert.

Ben is able to remember a few key signatures, which is really helping with his scales.

Leo has strengthening his knowledge of intricate voicings, and has added dominant voicings to the mix.

Wednesday's Students:

Jayen has finished off two pieces this week! Great practise Jayen!

Jayleen has learnt what flats are this week!

Gabriella is working towards her grade 3 exam next week! Good luck Gabriella.

Laura is really getting to grips with her sight-reading, and is improving all the time.

Thursday's Students:

Kyle is playing Little Bird by reading the note names!

Isla is practising her Beethoven to make sure it's ready for the concert!

Amelie started four new pieces this week! Good job Amelie.

Nathaniel is learning how to practise the piano this week!

Friday's Students:

Megan is working on Wade in the Water, and is making sure she doesn't forget anything.

Carys learnt a new major scale this week - A Major!

Callum is trying to learn a piece all by himself this week - Chorale!

Cayla is making great progress with her two pieces with triplets in them - they're sounding super even!

Henry figured out the melody to a song by ear this week - no music required.

Isaac is trying to involve ideas like 'creating suspense' in his playing this week.

Rowan is getting his piece 'Snowflake Rag' concert ready this week.

Tim is doing well with his new book, and has been able to read a few letter names by himself.

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