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Student Achievements Week Six

This is the week six post about student achievements! Search for your name below and see what others have been up to this week.

Heather is working on two aspects of her technique by playing excellent etudes.

Sophie has started Space Shuttle Blues this week and is enjoying it!

India is doing very well with her squishy fingers, and is listening well!

Toby is making sure he has 'no extra thinking time' when playing pieces!

Isabel is working well on her bass clef note reading.

Ophelia has learnt how to apply a new voicing - the “So What” voicing!

Thomas is working on recognising intervals by ear this week!

Josh is concentrating on his sight reading this week, and is getting better all the time.

Lachlan has learnt a new scale - the F major scale!

Charlotte is focusing on the parts of pieces that she finds difficult, well done Charlotte!

Ellie has learnt what quavers are today!

Leo is working on 'sniffing' to make sure he can get dotted crotchet rhythms accurate.

Holly this week has learnt what a key signature is this week!

Alana is working on her grade two scales, getting them hands together.

Finn has learnt a new scale this week - Eb major!

Oliver is working towards his next concert piece with the Oscar Peterson Exercise No. 1.

Luka is working hard on his piece "Innocence" to make sure it's all even with no extra thinking time.

Ciara is improving her sight reading consistently, and is able to learn one hand of a new piece each week!

Christopher is using the ta's to make sure the rhythms are super accurate in new pieces.

Ben has started work on his grade 3 pieces, and is showing good tonal control.

Leo has learnt some secondary dominant applications in songwriting!

Gabriella has practised Wade in the Water very well this week and now has it hands together!

Amelie can play a new scale - G Major!

Laura has been practising her sight reading, and is starting to envisage playing in a key.

Nathaniel is improving his listening all the time in his lessons!

Isla has now learnt all of her grade 3 major scales! Well done Isla.

Kyle is working on having a great tone, with good arm weight and no squishy fingers.

Callum is practising not having any unnecessary accents in the middle of musical phrases.

Megan has persisted with a piece that was quite difficult and has now finished it off - well done Megan!

Carys has been working on playing pieces with more dynamics, and is doing well.

Rowan is working through his Grade One scales and is concentrating well on the evenness of notes.

Isaac is working on adding a lively character to his pieces.

Cayla has learnt more about hand balance by having a melody in her left hand!

Tim‘s sight reading is improving every week, and has learnt another four pieces this week!

Luca has learnt four notes on the stave this week, and can find them on the piano.

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