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Student Achievements Week Seven

This is the week seven post about student achievements! Search for your name below and see what others have been up to this week.

Toby has started his new book this week! Congratulations Toby!

Isabel is working on quickly moving her hands to a new position every couple of bars.

Ophelia is working on arranging music by herself!

Thomas has a new game recognising intervals by ear.

Josh has secured his notes in 'Wade in the Water' this week.

Lachlan has got his piece 'Sing Sing Sing' hands together this week.

Charlotte has been able to put 'Country Gardens' hands together this week.

Ellie is learning to count aloud with “1 and 2 and”. Good job Ellie!

Leo is improving his reading of lead sheets! Well done Leo!

Holly is working on her Christmas carols this week!

Alana is practising her new exam pieces this week, and they're extending her a little bit! Good luck Alana.

Finn is making sure his scales sound musical this week.

Oliver is starting to sight-read duets this week for a different kind of sight reading pressure.

Luka is working on having no extra thinking time on a piece with lots of semiquavers this week!

Ciara is starting to put True Blues hands together this week. Good luck Ciara!

Christopher is making sure his pairs of quavers don't 'collapse' this week, and they're nice and even.

Ben is continuing with his grade 3 pieces, and is thinking about hand balance.

Gabriella has learnt how to explain semiquavers and is practising counting aloud using 1 & 2 &

Laura has been practising her sight reading, and is starting to envisage playing in a key.

Nathaniel is improving his listening all the time in his lessons!

Amelie has learnt two new dynamics - mezzo piano and mezzo forte!

Isla Isla has learnt how to form a harmonic minor scale today! Well done Isla.

Kyle is working on playing softly where appropriate this week.

Callum is practising his gentle, slurred playing.

Megan has been working on counting difficult rhythms in 'Wade in the Water' this week.

Carys has been working on semiquaver rhythms in 'Simple Gifts' this week.

Rowan is working hard on 'Simple Gifts', and has it nearly hands together all the way.

Isaac is making sure his pieces sound lively and fun again this week!

Cayla has done very good practise this week, and has finished off two pieces!

Luca has learnt 'Death March' on the keyboard.

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