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Student Achievements Week One!

Welcome to the very first post about student achievements! Search for your name below and see what others have been up to this week!

Saturday's Students:

Heather is progressing very quickly with her grade 5 pieces, and is starting to add important detail.

Sophie is practising for her upcoming performance of '7 Years' and making sure the whole piece is fluently played!

Sunday's Students:

Isabel is starting to recognise major and minor triads just by listening to them!

Toby now knows one-beat, two-beat, and four-beat notes!

Ophelia is working well on some intricate chord voicings to make her playing sound more sophisticated.

Ellie is working really well on 'Believer', and is working on being able to play the first section hands together without stopping.

Monday's Students:

Finn has started working on his grade three exam by starting to look at the sight-reading exercises.

Alana has started working on her grade two exam by starting to look at the new scales.

Oliver continues to make great progress with his sight-reading, looking at an Oscar Peterson exercise every week!

Tuesday's Students:

Luka is working very well through his book of pieces and is breaking down 'A Minor Swing' into manageable chunks.

Ciara has finished off her piece 'Jumping Beans'! Great staccato playing.

Christopher is making great progress through his book, and is focusing on consistent tempo and dynamics of 'Our Detective Agency'.

Ben is getting his Pink Panther piece ready for the concert, and is sounding very smooth!

Leo has been introduced to a new way of thinking about keys - the circle of 5ths!

Wednesday's Students:

Jayen is working very hard on slowing down her 'Joshua Fought' so that it sounds relaxed and in control.

Jayleen is getting faster and faster at recognising treble and bass clef notes on the iPad.

Gabriella is preparing for her grade three exam, and has learnt all of her scales now.

Amelie is doing really well with her note and rhythm reading, and it's helping her learn new pieces quickly!

Laura has been diligent in doing her aural exercises on to help with her rhythmic understanding.

Thursday's Students:

Kyle is making a big effort to not just guess notes, but to actually take the time to read them!

Isla is working on ways to improve her bass clef speed-reading, and making excellent progress.

Amelie is starting to work on notes that have 1, 2, and 4 beats now!

Nathaniel has had his first ever piano lesson, and has learnt all the finger numbers!

Friday's Students:

Megan has transcribed a piece she wanted to learn all by herself.

Carys is now able to recite the key signatures of 4 keys very quickly.

Cayla is making her Spanish Dance sound really vivace!

Isaac is working really hard on his two concert pieces and getting them sounding confident.

Rowan is improving his rhythm reading all the time with Rhythm Lab!

Luca is starting to play rhythms we've practised on the iPad on the keyboard!