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Student Achievements Week Five

This is the week five post about student achievements! Search for your name below and see what others have been up to this week.

Heather has passed her grade five exam with merit! Congratulations Heather!

Sophie has committed to practising better than ever this week, and is listening well in her lessons.

India is doing very well with her reading, and has learnt two new pieces this week.

Toby is now able to set up is hands in C position by himself.

Isabel isn’t giving up with her piece Alexander March, even though it is becoming more difficult.

Ophelia has scored full marks for an arrangement of a pop tune at school. Good job Ophelia!

Thomas is becoming a much stronger musician through his newly founded knowledge of his jazz harmony.

Josh is concentrating on practising very slowly and is seeing the benefits!

Ellie is working on the last few pieces of her book! Well done Ellie, super good work!

Leo has done good practise over the last couple of weeks and is starting to look at christmas carols by ear!

Alana has started work towards her grade two piano exam, and is improving her sight reading very well!

Finn has started work towards his grade three piano exam, and is drastically improving his finger shape all the time.

Oliver has started work on his grade three pieces, and is doing very well with his Oscar Peterson when he practises in a focused way.

Luka is working hard on semiquaver passages to make sure they’re all even in tone.

Ciara has worked on her broken chords this week and can now remember the pattern.

Christopher has started work on Vivaldi’s Spring!

Ben is able to remember a few key signatures, which is really helping with his scales.

Leo is displaying a real understanding of his new jazz harmonic language, and is developing his musicality strongly.

Gabriella has passed her grade three exam! Congratulations, Gabriella.

Jayen did a super good job with her long lesson this week, and learnt three new pieces.

Amelie is working on her new pop pieces very well!

Laura has just started working on her grade 4 exam pieces, well done Laura!

Amelie has learnt what a grand staff is!

Nathaniel has learnt three new pages of music this week.

Isla is doing a great job with her sight reading again this week!

Kyle is making sure he can play his pieces by reading them, not just learning by ear!

Callum is looking at an easy piece, Chorale, by himself this week. Good luck Callum!

Megan is focussing on her A major scale and Spinning a Yarn.

Carys is having a really detailed practise of her dynamics this week in Spinning a Yarn.

Cayla has finished off two pieces this week, both with triplets. Good practising Cayla!

Tim is working on reading new pieces very well, and has managed to work his way through four new pieces this week!

Luca is working on playing his rhythms on the keyboard from the iPad again this week.

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