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Student Achievements Week Eight

This is the week eight post about student achievements! Search for your name below and see what others have been up to this week.

Heather has started arranging an Ed Sheeran song by herself this week!

Sophie has made a good start with 'Olympic Procession' this week.

Toby has learnt his treble clef D this week.

Isabel is working on improving her bass clef reading with a flashcard app.

Ophelia is developing her arrangement skills.

Thomas is making jazz phrasing a part of his regular practise, thanks to his jazz pieces.

Josh is working on his grade two scales slowly and carefully.

Ellie can consistently play staccato at various dynamic levels!

Leo has done fantastic practise on Rudolph this week. Well done Leo!

Holly is playing her pieces is week with good enthusiasm.

Alana this week has practised playing Canon in D.

Finn is working on his finger shape to get his grade 3 pieces sounding good.

Oliver played at a concert this week. Good job Oliver!

Luka knows how to apply “bottom of the key” playing to scale passages.

Ciara is doing well with her broken chords and can remember the pattern for 5 keys now.

Christopher has secured a lot of quaver crotchet rhythms this week.

Ben has practised his grade 3 piece and learnt it all the way to the end.

Gabriella has listened to a piece this week and got the chords off the internet and can play along. Good job Gabriella!

Laura is working on her grade four arpeggios, and knows them by memory!

Nathaniel can now play pieces without any help!

Amelie has started a new book! Well done Amelie!

Callum has practised very well this week with his In the Hall of the Mountain King!

Megan has been working on counting difficult rhythms in 'Wade in the Water' this week.

Carys has been working on semiquaver rhythms in 'Simple Gifts' this week.

Rowan has started to learn a new piece - 'The Cantankerous Camel'.

Isaac understands his relative minors, and is practising them during the week.

Cayla is working on Starry Night this week - a piece with two voices in the left hand!

Henry is working on 'Lucid Dreams', with a tutorial from YouTube.

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